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Off the Kerb's 3rd Birthday Show 

Curate by Corinna Berndt

Opening Night: Friday 9th April, 6pm – 9pm
( 9th April – 30th April)

Discover a city of gold or perhaps a more sinister version of contemporary utopia at Off the Kerb Gallery this April. The group show ‘Eldorado’, curated by Corinna Berndt, presents brand new works by 11 emerging artists from around Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Japan. The exhibition features a variety of artistic mediums, including animation, interactive-media, text based projection, painting and photography.

Celebrating the completion of 3 years in operation since its grand opening in April 2007, artist run initiative Off the Kerb has invited artists to propose a piece of work which investigates the idea of ‘El Dorado’, an exotic place of fabulous wealth and opportunity, which unfortunately is always short of discovery.

Pabi, Tanmaya, Nick Ilton, Lea Ward, Gus Kollar, Hody Hong, Ed Wakeham, Jade du Preez, I & The Others, Michael Carolan & Kubota Fumikazu






3rd B'day Show






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