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FRONT GALLERY: "Choked Flow"

by Lyn Patone
Friday 14 August - Friday 11 September
(Opening Night Friday 14th August 6pm - 9pm)

Choked Flow - Water is a wild thing

The switch is flicked on and air is introduced into the tubing via the venturi device, whilst simultaneously submersible pumps artificially control the flow of water until the power is switched off again.  The limiting case of the Venturi effect chokes the flow of liquid in the tubing restricting the total flow rate.  Water travels in an endless cycle between the Earth and its atmosphere; through evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation. Leonardo described water as ‘the vehicle of nature,’ believing water to be to the world, what blood is to our bodies.

BACK & UPSTAIRS GALLERY: "A season, a reason or a lifetime"

by Michael Schmeja
Friday 14 August - Friday 11 September
(Opening Night Friday 14th August 6pm - 9pm)

Multi-layered images of people, animals and text appear, and re-appear in my work. Like friends in a life, they may appear briefly, or momentarily for a reason. Some of the friends that are subject in my work are ones which I may have only known for a few days, and may never know again, but they somehow left a positive impression on my life……something memorable.
The title ‘A season, a reason or a lifetime’ relates only to these friends that have come, and gone, and sometimes returned to me in my life. Pet dog’s are a strong, re-occurring subject, along with the pets of others which I have been close to. The work is simply like a scrapbook, or collage of images of beings which I have fortunately shared some sort of memorable relationship with.


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