Exhibition Dates: 27th August – 17th September 2010
Opening Night: Friday 27th August 2010, 6pm – 9pm

Photos from Exhibition

Nanny State” by Nick Ilton

Nanny State is about my home town. A town made up of equal parts overprotective parent, well meaning big brother, and untrusting teacher, with no faith in our ability to drink responsibly, build a house wisely, drive sensibly or care for ourselves properly. They squash our cars, monitor our moves, and impinge on our right to live our own lives. This must be what a Nanny State is.

American Blues Painted” by Lincoln McAlister

Lincoln Mc Alister is a self taught artist .In the past he has had paintings acquisited by the killer Whale Museum in Eden N.S.W and has work currently on display at a gallery in Wonthaggi Gippsland and a Gippsland Hotel.

His paintings of early American Blues musicians are his main focus at the moment, including modern day musicians. Lincoln has always carried a fascination for the subject of Blues practitioners through to their music and folklore. The example of legendary Blues guitarist Robert Johnson’s supposed selling of his soul to the devil at midnight on a crossroads in exchange to play well is a prime example of the dread fascination Blues history can evoke. Many Blues musicians in the early nineteenth Century practiced rough and tumble lives with songs sung about murder, theft, car wrecks, broken marriages, drinking - very often based on experience of the singers themselves. Being a painter, Lincoln has found this to be the best catalyst to express his feelings for this subject matter, and is still in the process of continuing to do so.

"Like Cloud Gazing" by Grace Leung

Cloud gazing… The mind drifts. The imagination runs wild. An escape from reality. 

Enter a sanctuary where no one else is allowed. 

Living in an urban environment, we rarely have time to gaze at the clouds. Instead, we find other ways to escape. Observing details in everyday objects is a bit like cloud gazing…




Grace Leung





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