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Exhibition Dates: 22 October - 12 November 2010

Opening Night: Friday 22 October, 6pm – 9pm

Black & White vs Colour - group show
16 of the country’s finest team up to thrash out the age old question of black & white or colour!

Bec Winnel, Sarah Beetson, Drew Funk, Robert Jenkins, I & The Others, Jack Douglas, Steve Leadbeater, Caitlin Rigby, Ed Wakeham, Eleanor Yap, Kubota Fumikazu, Lwnski, Yiyi Wang, ERo, Madelynn Holmes, Belinda Suzette & Mark Alsweiler come together to have a visual battle on the subject of black & white vs colour. With a common background of design and illustration, the challengers use a wide variety of materials and techniques including painting, sculpture, wheat paste and print to wrangle out a champion of visual superiority!

Making a special appearance from the future Bados Earthling will be returning to the present on opening night, to give rise to his unique form of street art, called Performance Graffiti. The crowd will be provoked to participate in Bados Earthling’s fusion of performance & street art and are encouraged to support their “side” by coming in black and white or in colour.




Protest Playground by Nick Millen
Protest Playground is a series of short films, documenting recent street performances devised by Nick and friends. The performances explore the street as a dream space, where the imagination can play without restriction. It is an enquiry into how, where and when contrasting realities find each other.









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