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8th - 22nd January 2010

(Opening Night Friday 8th January 2010, 6pm – 9pm)

Heard of the Blender? Melbourne’s street art studio hub, tucked away in the alleys behind Franklin Street. Home to stencil stars and aerosol masters - plus painters, illustrators, sculptors, jewelers and one hairdresser. A converted warehouse, open on-and-off since 2001, that has served as an extremely influential base in the developing street art scene. From 8th until 22nd January 2010 the current crop of artists in Blender residence – all 13 of them - will exhibit together at Off the Kerb, Collingwood’s new and innovative Artist-run space. From internationally acclaimed award-winners to emerging underground talent, streetwise stencils to refined oil-on-canvas, “Un-Earthed” brings together the motley crew of Blender artists in a medley of genres and practices. Exhibiting artists include the infamous Regan “HaHa” Tamanui and Drew Funk, whose unique brands of graff-to-gallery style have earned them each cult followings. Adrian Doyle’s intricately painted visions of Australian suburbia pop against the haunting nostalgia of Michael Peck’s landscapes. In three dimensions, Tim Sterling’s mathematically precise stationery sculptures spring from walls and floor. Together, the works dramatically convey the richness and variety of the continuing Blender legacy.


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