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EXHIBITION DATES: 9 - 23 December 2011
OPENING NIGHT: Friday 9 December 6-9pm

The Collective

Off the Kerb’s 2011 end of year group show curate by Candice Hopkins surrounds the concept of the Collective Unconscious. The collective unconscious refers to a distinct form of unconsciousness; separate from any personal or individual unconsciousness. More specifically referring to a universally repressed, or all encompassing world soul/or unconsciousness.  Some works in this show display a connection beyond our personal selves, into darker notions and deep-seated beliefs or desires. Others refer to the innate or arcane ideas that resonate throughout history. Aspects of self-analysis, psychological theories and scientific connotations of this concept are explored. Come and celebrate Christmas and the end of another creative year with the artists and committee at Off the Kerb!

KLARA | Rob Ball | Lilli Waters | Teresa Blake | Georgina Lee | Susie Raleigh | Rosie Royston | Susan McMinn | Tessa Moncrieff | Michael John Joseph | Gary Anderson | Candice Hopkins | Nick Heynsbergh | Nadine Mannering | Rebecca Monaghan




















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