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Exhibition Dates: 4 - 25 February 2011

Opening Night: Friday 4 February 2011


Echoes of Nature

by Maja Wolnik

Echoes of Nature is a collection of playful, intricate works inspired by the patterns created by nature. Fascinated by repetition, artist/illustrator Maja Wolnik uses the office photocopier to copy, enlarge, reduce, reverse and modify her distinct ink illustrations in countless ways. Guided by intuition, she then uses collage (cut things up, add bits, take away, move things around and then add more ink) to re-construct the natural forms and create new, yet similar images that echo each other. The final arrangement allows the eyes to play.


Echoes of Nature



The Lost World

by Elodie Silberstein

Elodie Silberstein creates intimate fictions and dream like installations. The Lost World is composed of two miniature worlds that can be discovered through a peep hole. The subject explores the concept of inside/outside in post modern society in which the home is a protective shelter against the outside world. But what if the threat comes from our safe landmark? The work traces two characters who invent fictional worlds to escape a disturbing reality using imagination as a coping reparative process. We discover evocative dreamscapes where the outside environment becomes haunting and enchanting. This poetic investigation is a reminiscent of lost worlds that mirror our own vulnerability.


The Lost World



by Monika Jean Dziewialtowski-Gintowt

Guidance is Monika's First exhibition. Her pieces explore the potential of colour and have a sense of storybook fantasy. With the first animal featured being a totem 'bear', this symbolizes  a protected journey throughout the show. And a magical re-connection with a inner child awakening to mother earth and her abundance of life. Enter this space with a hope that all your innermost secrets will be kept safe and a dream that all childhood imagination will be restored.



Monika Dziewialtowski-Gintowt




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