Little Creatures


16 September - 7 October 2011
Opening Night Friday 16 September (6pm-9pm)


Kill Your Idols Stephen Baker

Dining with Cordyceps Jodie Goldring  
Meditations Kate Golding


Kill Your Idols by Stephen Baker

‘KILL YOUR IDOLS’ is a little reminder, a small jab to the ribs at this questionable idea of placing certain people above others. Whether you let Axl Rose govern the way you dress, or allow Marilyn Monroe to tell you that diamonds are always a girls’ best friend, maybe we should make sure we make the right choices. Stay safe out there people, Elvis is still alive and may well be the messiah. 



















Dining with Cordyceps by Jodie Goldring

In this installation of an complete dining room, furniture is invaded by forms inspired by cordyceps. Cordyceps are parasitic fungi that grow into unusual fruiting forms whilst they are invading and killing their healthy hosts. In this artwork cordyceps are used as a metaphor to illustrate the invasion of rampant consumerism and wastefulness in the home. This beautiful yet insidious room is visually captivating and conceptually provocative.

Dining with Cordyceps is concerned with the insidious changes to our domestic environment and consumption habits over the last century. Past attitudes of domestic thriftiness that curtailed waste have been replaced by a proliferate society seemingly oblivious to the waste produced by excessive consumption. Simple pre World War II wooden furniture is used to refer to past attitudes has been rendered skeletal and non functional by holes that are drilled into it. Each cordycep has been carefully made by hand out of waste and recycled materials using time consuming craft processes.

With this installation Goldring has collaborated with two distinguished basket-makers in the creation of the table which is one of the most intricate sculptural objects. The collaborative process involved monthly meetings over a six month period where artists would share and discuss their work and watch the table evolve.







Meditations by Kate Golding

As urban dwellers our senses are constantly bombarded with manufactured stimuli, meditation creates a space in which we can rest. In seeking locations for this series the photographer sought scenes free of obstructions, scenes of beauty and stillness. The resulting images are often majestic, often the result of calmly waiting for the right moment before releasing the shutter and occasionally a case of right place, right time. The photographs, captured on various travels throughout Australia and Europe, serve to remind us of the beauty of our natural environment to which we are intrinsically connected.
(The works are printed on a warm-toned paper created from bamboo fibres. The matte finish gives depth to the images while providing a sustainable alternative to traditional photographic papers).