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EXHIBITION DATES: 6 - 29 January 2012
OPENING NIGHT: Friday 13 January 2012 6pm - 9pm

Off the Street
J De Vere

Off the Kerb presents ‘Off the Street’

On Saturday and Sunday mornings while most nurse their hangovers from the previous night and others contemplate their brunch menus, a group of young artists wake up early and transform one of Colombo’s most beautiful roads into the largest art exhibition in the country.  For many Sri Lankans art is considered soul food for the ‘upper class’ and viewed traditionally in boutique contemporary venues where the term Off the Kerb does not apply. These exhibitions are for the affluent and not attainable and available to all.
The ‘Off the Street’ exhibition celebrates young talented underprivileged Sri Lankan artists who don’t have the means to exhibit through private shows but still manage to find an audience. A trip down Green-path Avenue in Colombo on any weekend will surely inspire you. You will see Sri Lankan youth born into a pre-determined pathwho are destined to be drivers or servants, defy their circumstances and transform themselves through their passion for art.

We are proud to extend their audience from ‘Off the Street’ of Green-path to Off the Kerb right here in Melbourne.

'Life Stills' by Jonathan de Vere

Jonathan is a Melbourne based artist working in both traditional 35mm film and digital photography. His passion for photography is inspired by the ever present abundance of imagery and ideas that surround us all, and by the desire to capture and present his perspective of the natural world.

Formal qualifications in fine art from the Tasmanian School of Art with further studies in art and design from Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology TAFE has generated a broad interest in the visual arts, a diversity that is reflected in a body of work encompassing natural landscapes, the built environment and portraiture.

Preferring a more traditional fine art approach to photography, Jonathan works primarily in black and white film with darkroom processing and printing taking preference to the every increasing dominance of digital photography, an approach that reflects his desire to capture the natural beauty of the every day.


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