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Exhibition Dates: 4th June – 25th June 2010
Opening Night:
Friday 4th June, 6pm – 9pm

Front Gallery:Adding Coal to a Hoffman Kiln”
by Gregg Humble & Hamish Munro

“The Hoffmann Kiln is a series of batch process kilns. Hoffmann Kilns are the most common kiln used in production of bricks and some other ceramic products. Patented by German Friedrich Hoffman for brickmaking in 1858, it was later used for lime-burning, and was known as the Hoffman continuous kiln… A Hoffmann kiln consists of a main fire passage surrounded on each side by several small rooms. Each room contains a pallet of bricks. In the main fire passage there is a fire wagon, that holds a fire that burns continuously. Each room is fired for a specific time, until the bricks are vitrified properly, and thereafter the fire wagon is rolled to the next room to be fired. Each room is connected to the next room by a passageway carrying hot gases from the fire. In this way, the hottest gases are directed into the room that is currently being fired. Then the gases pass into the adjacent room that is scheduled to be fired next. There the gases preheat the brick. As the gases pass through the kiln circuit, they gradually cool as they transfer heat to the brick as it is preheated and dried… In a classic Hoffmann kiln, the fire may burn continuously for years, even decades; in Iran, there are kilns that are still active and have been working continuously for 35 years…”

Back Gallery: “Toolangi”
by Ashlee Hope

Toolangi follows my previous exploration into natural and constructed environments, its co modification and the consumption of objects.

Examining my newly inhabited domestic space on Toolangi road I have developed works which show the connection of this location with nature and time. Embracing projection, sculpture and photography I engage with the themes of domestic space and the interaction of inanimate objects; exploring fragility, shape, time, duration and arrangement. With a return to aesthetic and material concerns of art as object I reference traditional Dutch Still life’s, gaining great inspiration from that of Giorgio Morandi and Nicholas De Stael’s simple, yet sculptural treatment of objects.


Upstairs Gallery:  "Other Places"
by Terence Hogan 

A series of photographs driven by the enigmatic quality of everyday places and how the presence of these mundane spaces and the objects in them is transformed when photographed.










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