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Exhibition Dates: 4 - 25 March 2011

Opening Night: Friday 4 March, 6pm – 9pm


“Plonk on a Page”
by Tessa Moncrieff 

Tessa Moncrieff is a West Australian artist and fashion designer who has recently set up her label Plonk in Melbourne. Tessa’s exhibition Plonk on a Page explores the relationship between drawings, screen prints and fashion. Tessa’s personal interpretation of her family’s history and the antique items from their past is presented in a patchwork in this playful collection. Tessa is particularly interested in all things hand- made in a time when most items around us are mass- produced.  Plonk on a Page gives us a glimpse into her world, a place where traditional practices exist in a contemporary time….



“Working Girls”
by Nina Siskas

“Daynas’ Goin Down”
by Vanessa Howells

Nina Siska and Vanessa Howells are two emerging female artists challenging current mass media and popular culture, while referencing their modern day feminist views. Through self portraiture they invite the viewer into observing and debating rarely discussed topics in today’s popular culture. 'Daynas' Goin' Down' by Vanessa Howells appropriates scenes from pornography. Her images isolate the female within the image and focus the viewer's gaze on her demeaned and debased position. 'Working Girls' by Nina Siska depicts four jobs that have a high intake of young women, where their youth and beauty have the advantage over men for such roles. The ironic nature of the signs adds to the tongue-in-cheek message of the series.



by Steven James

echo |ˈekō| noun ( pl. echoes) • a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event  

Take my hand and step into the woodlands of my mind,
a place where dogma and daydreams collide.

A place where actuality and apparitions are seen
waltzin' amongst the towering trees.

Sip from the flowing stream of consciousness,
'echo' into the breeze of childhood memories. 







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