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Front Gallery:When all your friends leave you and you miss the last bus home”

by Brendan Parkes

5th March - 2nd April 2010 (Opening Night Friday 5th March 6pm-9pm)

Brendan Parkes’ new works in “When all your friends leave you and you miss the last bus home” document the attempt to overcome a personal and artistic crisis.An old life was reaching a crossroads with personal, family and social issues conspiring to occur all at once. Tied in to this was the expiring of old artistic ideas. A new approach was sort but unknown. The paintings take you on a journey of self-discovery as the challenge of overcoming personal issues are worked out in new way forward on the canvas. The loosening of style mirrors a growing confidence to forge the correct path forward. A careful and well thought out approach with established and glitzy images is expunged, giving way to a wilder and a more spontaneous method. The images become more throwaway, the pen and paint applied haphazardly and passionately as the shackles are thrown off and a freedom sensed and pursued..

Back Gallery: “Suggestion Box”

by Nick Ilton

5th March - 2nd April 2010 (Opening Night Friday 5th March 6pm-9pm)

Over the past year, I have been creating and installing public art pieces under the cover of darkness in and around the Melbourne CBD.  Among these works was a Skull & Cross Bones on a pedestrian bridge over Epsom Road, Flemington (lasted a few days), a square bike attached to a bike rack at the State Library (this lasted about 8 weeks before being destroyed then removed), dust masks in glass boxes with the words ‘in case of paranoia break glass’ (around the time of our nation’s swine flu hysteria) and suggestion boxes.  There was neither rhyme nor reason to where these suggestion boxes were placed.  The assumption was that people would stop and wonder before moving on. I had no intention of ever revisiting the boxes and assumed that before long they would be taken down and discarded with a lot of other unauthorised objects in the city. However, I received many suggestions. They were wide and varied and were scribbled on the back of tram tickets, menus, receipts and serviettes. I do not know who has made the suggestions, but the idea that the box, which provides no context, could conjure up so much interest and response has astounded me. I have written and advised Government of my findings, to let various individuals in politics know what the people of Melbourne thought about things from public transport to city landscaping, tram etiquette to town planning. This work includes the comments and suggestions that I have collected and continue to collect.

Upstairs Galleries: "Wake"

by Katherine Riley

5th March - 2nd April 2010 (Opening Night Friday 5th March 6pm-9pm) 

   The artist would prefer not to make a statement about these works. The artist feels that there is already enough language here: language which reveals, language which conceals, logical language, mythical language, language to be 

   embraced, language to be evaded. There is already enough language in these works. No further comment is required.





Brendan Parkes

Nick Ilton

Katherine Riley


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