Exhibition Dates: 27 May - 17 June 2011 (Exhibition Photos)
Opening Night: Friday 27 May 6pm – 9pm (Opening Night Photos)

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Andrew Goodman


Taylor White

Hands Claps and Tessellations by Klara

The surprise of a sudden handclap in a silent room. The satisfaction of linear tessellations. Can't we fly away from here on a paper plane? Captivated. We go together like handclaps and tessellations, we do...

Melbourne based street artist, Klara, moved here in 2009 from Margaret River, WA, to further her art career in Australia's Cultural Capital. Her upbringing in rural Australia evoked inspiration though isolation, as living far from any commercial areas forced her to create with what was available at the time. Since then you may have seen her work pop up in streets and alleys all over north side Melbourne, including Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick and inner city. Klaras Work- straight lines, industrial feel, bold colours, text and geometric shapes are often softened by illustrations and paint splotches. Nudes, tessellations and Mondrian inspired compositions are also present. Work in various scales, large or small, indoor or out. Recycled and found objects are used frequently and where possible. Construction waste, packaging, marketing materials etc are re-loved and turned into works.





























Pnuema by Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is a visual artist with an interest in interaction and participatory art work. This participatory sound piece generates an ever changing soundtrack through sensors' reactions to light and the rhythm of viewer’s movement. Pnuema re-imagines the windswept, fossilized and poisonous landscape of Miyazaki’s post apocalyptic anime film Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind as an immersive installation of sculpture, sound and light that responds to the presence of the observer.
































Every Nice Thing by Taylor White

“Growing Up” is an unimaginably difficult process which yields an often oppressive abstruseness of identity. The state of a child is about exploration; creation, destruction and reconstruction. Children loiter in the shadows of sexuality, undertones of which are seen as both deviant and paradoxical to their seemingly innocent veneer. Childhood is a time of powerful emotion, unbridled creativity and curiosity; it is conversations, altercations and negotiations with chaos.

Every Nice Thing is an exploration of the perilous landscape of childhood and all its secrets, mysteries, beauties and terrors. Taylor’s work  expresses some of the fleeting charms particular to children, while simultaneously demonstrating an antithetical awareness to the more sinewy twists and turns of childhood philosophy and emotion. Through sparsely colorful imagery of equal parts playfulness and decrepitude, the works provoke questions about the difference - or lack thereof - between reality and fantasy, to challenge the notion of childhood as a time of unalloyed sweetness.