OPENING NIGHT: Friday 5 April 6-9pm (with live performances)
| DATES: 4 - 19 April 2013

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Men With BeardsMen With Beards

Men with Beards

OTK’s charity exhibition aims to raise money & provisions for the homeless. Funds raised will be donated to the Frontyard Youth Services at Melbourne Citymission

There will be collection baskets throughout the gallery. We ask guests to please bring any non-perishable food items and toiletries which we can donate to the Melbourne Citymission. MCM works with people experiencing disadvantage across Melbourne and Victoria. They help thousands of people build a clear pathway away from economic exclusion and social isolation.

A man with a beard can represent wisdom, individuality, virility, masculinity and strength. Throughout history the beard has carried much symbolism in cultures around the world. Ancient Egyptians wore their beards embellished with gold thread, braided and dyed with henna. Beards were so revered that even queens wore false strap on beards. In India facial hair was grown long and in other cultures men never trimmed them at all. A long beard was a symbol of dignity hence an adulterer was punished by having his beard publicly cut off.

In Greece the community had a festival for a young man’s growth of a beard which marked the beginning of manhood. And in Greco-Roman tradition a beard was the defining characteristic of a philosopher. It was called “the philosophers beard” and according to its style, whether long, flowing, mid length and groomed indicated from which school of philosophy one belonged.

Men with beards are considered to be more attractive and adventurous in the bedroom. In contemporary times the beard has made a fashion comeback not really seen since the free love movement in the sixties and seventies.

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