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Project 2a: Printmakers the Next Generation

Mastering technique and injecting revolution, the RMIT 2nd Year Printmakers take over Off the Kerb

In the red corner: the fine established values of the printmaking tradition; exhibiting meticulous craft and mastery. In the blue corner: the young radical; full of fresh notions of aesthetic and technique. Trained under RMIT's Fine Art program, the fifteen artists in Project 2A have a bet each way, looking back to the past while simultaneously seeking new methods, new ideas, and new forms. Touch gloves, the bell rings…

Off the Kerb is proud to present RMIT Fine Art and Printmaking 2nd year group show. Nick Heynsbergh, Jenna Fagan, Ford Larman, James Finlayson Smith, Christian Bishop, Rachelle Eves, Victoria Simpson, Lauren Carter, Nina Magee, Betty Musgrove, Dot Leslie, Elizabeth Hillebrand, Melissa Martin, Lotte Henn, and Beth Cook use a blend of new, old and inventive techniques to show off a fresh face in the next generation of printmakers.


OPENING NIGHT Friday 24 June  6pm – 9pm

EXHIBITION DATES 24 June – 15 July 

CLOSING PARTY: Friday 8th July 6pm-9pm with music by RIF and Xian





























RMIT Printmakers Exhibition