Opening Night: Friday 19 July 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: 19 July - 2 August 2013



  Andrew Laba  Saar Amptmeijer Pia Mitchell KLARA

Lobster Juice
Front Gallery

A Melbourne based creative born in the late 80’s inspired by his upbringing, reading bizarre children’s story’s by Roald Dahl, watching Powerangers and Soupe Opera. Five years studying art, design and photography has rewarded him with a portfolio capturing an unconventional imagination. His illustrations though innocent in appearance in most cases have sexual and violent content. Works include “Boner”, “The Big Bang”, “Pussy Patrol”, “I’m a Panda” and many more. His logo is the lobster, which is the signature of his design identity “Lobster Juice”. Lobster Juice does in fact have a meaning and if you wish to know what it means please look it up in the urban dictionary.

Analogue Chat
Back Gallery

The analogue chat is a work that is inspired by this time.

A time where connection is overwhelming and something you can not escape.  The connection of ideas, locations but above all with each other through the endless possibilities of the world wide web.

The analogue chat works the same as its digital brother, merely the focus is not only on the mind but also on the physical aspect of being human. Aesthetically the work represents this connection and world wide web. Aside from this the chat is working as an actual communication device. Made to invite people to participate and give shape to this invisible world.

Upstairs Gallery

A series of illustrations focusing on varying degrees of human isolation.  In an increasingly digital and connected world, it is easy to be forgotten and lose touch. Through the use of colour and shape, faces and hands are highlighted against patterned backgrounds. Painted textures and layers balance the digital illustration, giving a human touch to the computer based illustrations.


Off the Kerb is proud to present its second series of 4D with the street art of Klara, opening on Friday 19 July until 31 August 2013. In March 2013, the back courtyard wall of the gallery was transformed into the 4D project space, offering an organic environment for street artists to present graffiti and paste up art in a legitimate and safe public arena. 4D shows 4 street artists’ work over the course of 12 months. Each work displayed on the wall for a season. Klara is a 27 year old artist who grew up on a farm in the Margaret River, WA.  Curiosity is her inspiration. Klara started practicing as an artist in Melbourne in 2011 after her first solo show at Off the Kerb. All unsold works were donated (stapled, screwed or glued) to the streets. ‘Exhibiting’ on the streets, in alleys and on buildings was a new discovery which propelled Klara into Melbourne’s prolific street art scene .

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