OPENING: Fri 19 Aug 6-9pm | DATES: 18 Aug - 1 Sep 2016

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globelight 2016


Globelight is the only home grown event of its kind in Australia, championing real creativity and career development of over
50 artists since its inception in 2012. Artists and designers from around Australia have been invited to propose
works responding to the theme “energy as –light” and will be filling two venues with new artworks using a
startling array of materials and, of course, light.

This is a must-see event for art and design lovers, and anyone ready to be challenged and mesmerized by
stunning objects and immersive installations of illuminated space. Globelight is more than just a spectacle,
it’s an important exposé on what artists are currently doing with the medium of light, pushing it
deftly into a new realm, like all great art should.”

Opening Night Guest Speaker: Peter Kennedy (7pm)