OPENING: Fri 1 Dec 6 - 9pm | DATES: 30 Nov- 14 Dec 2017




Adele Daniele | Ali Edmonds | Brendan Rowe | Brooke Penrose | Carolyn Hawkins
Christine Martin | Jerome Rush | Joel Morrison | Kate Alexander | Lee Ward
Lluis Sanchez | Michelle Pereira | Ryan King

TOTE AFTERPARTY 8:30pm till late on 1st Dec
Tankerville | THEE Cha Cha Chas | Kit Warhurst | SPACEJUNK | Local Coward | Spiral Perm

We are miscreants. We are a group of artists bonded together more through a love of music than anything else. It’s not the shiny well buffed sell
or smell kind of music that your everyday normal gets fed through boxes of belief but the underbelly, the dirty, the rusty and the crusty.
We watch it, we support it and live off a diet of it in its rawest brutalest and sometimes most graphic form.

We are miscreants. We are artists who, like the music we love, are at times graphic in nature. We are the ones who suck on a beer rather than sip on a Shiraz.
We see the high-brow, wipe it away and look at it from beneath. We take culture and reflect upon its sub. We don’t take the high road we seep through the alleys below.

We are miscreants. We look past the shine and see the beauty in the dirty and degenerate. We are not necessarily abstract but you still may not understand us,
we are not post-modern but we definitely come after something, we don’t have rhyme or reason but we often have a reason for a rhyme.
We don’t know any better because we haven’t seen any worse. We are miscreants.