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OPENING NIGHT: Friday 18 May 6pm - 9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 18 May - 8 June 2012

by Tessa Moncrieff, Paul Moncrieff & Jillian green

Indian Plonk is a shared exhibition between Tessa Moncrieff, Paul Moncrieff and Jillian Green. It is a loose collaboration around the theme of India.Tessa travelled to India recently and her work has been informed by her experience there.Paul’s paintings are mainly concerned with the colours of India. He has also created the wooden silhouettes which we’ve all enjoyed painting & collaging.  Jillian’s paintings are inspired by the patterns seen within Indian miniature paintings. The artists hope to raise awareness and money to help the Akshaya Trust in Madurai, South India. Akshaya is a non-profit organization which helps people who struggle to survive, having been thrown out of their homes due to mental illness of one kind or another.

Bollywood Performances on Opening Night
& Indian Curry



by Sharon McKenzie

The series entitled ReBoot is a re-representation of pop culture artefacts from the 1950’s to 1970’s.  I am appropriating a past-coded surface (the doylie) to subvert meaning as a strategy for revealing an underlying environmental message.  All of the items are sourced directly from the side of the road in the kerb side pickup in Brisbane. The “handmade” appearance of the products contrasts with the expected original surface of the mostly plastic, factory made items.  The contradiction of material use lets the viewer draw comparisons between handmade and factory made.  Most are electrical items which have been replaced rapidly as technology manufacture is driven by the constant needs and wants of a consumerist society.




by Marta Bonaventura

Contemporary Art in Italy seems to be revisiting the movement of Art Povera. Marta Bonaventura’s is the perfect example of a contemporary exploration of this movement. Her pieces are an intimate yet playful example of her life and cultural Italian experiences, interpreted into beautifully cohesive pieces that clearly portray her personality and artistic talent in a visual manner.

“Leaving Italy years ago and settling in Melbourne boosted my creativity. My art is made of thoughts, dreams, souvenirs and, everyday objects that fill my mind. Since I was a kid these elements started to fill my canvases too. Not only do my conscious thoughts inspire me, but also my dream world. I translate a black-and-white dream into a colourful reality. Layers of papers, glue, pictures, vinyl discs, memories and things that surround me leave a mark on my imagination and are turned into what you will find in my work.”
– Marta Bonaventura


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