EXHIBITION DATES: 7 - 28 September 2012 | OPENING NIGHT: Friday 7 September 6 - 9pm






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Paula Quintela

Paula Quintela brings us a distinctive translation of cultural experiences in Almanaque. Visible in her practice is a heavy influence of Latin American culture. This allows the viewer a rich insight into her life, and personal experiences,  a rarity in contemporary art in Australia today.  Nature and memory being main thrusts for her work, Quintela’s pieces are fashioned by her cultural experiences and connections. Using these as a muse allows her to translate and interpret the relationship between time, migration and memory. Presented as a series of 365 vessels, each representing a separate day in a calendar year, Paula’s concept is a traditional yet original take on the common 365-photography project, and truly encompasses fragments of her past by means of presenting them as if from another reality.









Brian Sanstrom
Shared Space

This work deconstructs the available space of the gallery and reinterprets the space to reflect notions of emptiness; the concept lies in the perception of major loss in both the individual and collective. It identifies, through spatial manipulation, events and meanings to loss in people’s lives and activities and reflects moments of contemplation depending on the viewers own experience with sense of loss.










Katie Harmsworth
But, I’m with the Band

Homage to the Melbourne Fringe – Leibovitz Style. Off the Kerb, and Melbourne Fringe 2012 present an exhibition that is a true Homage to the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Katie Harmsworth debuts a series of images taken over the past three years of Fringe, and platforms them in a way that emulates the honest and raw nature of the festival itself. Inspired by Annie Leibovitz’s work from the 60’s and 70’s, Harmsworth manages to capture the essence of live performance in her images. Her vision allows the viewer to see these photographs as part of a bigger picture without forgetting the subtle and important details. Harmsworth’s passion for live performance and festivals is extremely prevalent in her work, and consequently invites you in as if you were a spectator yourself. As a tribute to the character of Harmsworth’s photographs, opening night will feature Go-Go Dance lessons, as an energetic and exhilarating way to involve the crowd as if the exhibition was a performance in itself. Some examples of featured performers in Harmsworth’s exhibition are Anna 'Pocket, Rocket' Lumb, Tessa Waters, Astrid Rot and Fiona O' Loughlin.


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