OPENING NIGHT: Friday 7 June 6 - 9pm | DATES: 6 - 20 June 2013


Dominic Sowersby Samantha Riegl & Adam Stone
Bernadette O'Sullivan

Dominic Sowersby
Front Gallery

Repetitive pattern can play tricks on the eye. It has the potential to evoke several contrasting reactions. Dominic Sowersby’s work plays with these possibilities and explores its vast capacity to challenge the viewer's perceptions. The execution of the characters and situations drawn are playful and experimental, resulting in contrasting outcomes. This study challenges repetitive structured patterns against the fluidity of organic line and thought processes.
Sensibilities that are evoked in the work are born of a combination of music  listened to, drives to work, walks undertaken, books read, conversations had, and the feeling of being isolated in the studio with only thoughts as a companion.


Samantha Riegl and Adam Stone
Back Gallery

LOL by Samantha Riegl and Adam Stone explores the phenomenon of chain letters and how they have been used to exploit people’s fear of the unknown and need for control. As much as the digital can empower it can also be used to manipulate emotions and gain control. Though seemingly separate, there is an inevitable clash between the digital realm and the physical world. The collision of the two worlds that occurs due to vulnerability of humanity is a universal experience and explored by both artists.

Bernadette O'Sullivan
Upstairs Gallery

A series of painted artworks by Bernadette O'Sullivan explore the issues of limited information in both memory and dream. The use of cropped and blurred image sources causes the viewer to question the accuracy of the information provided. A sequence of scattered image sources creates an open narrative for the viewer to explore. The possibilities of what occurs before after each chosen frame must be considered, as well as the relationship among the paintings.


FoxCreek Little Creatures