Gus Kollar
"The Dichotomy of the working self"
2nd - 30th November, 2007
Opening Friday 2nd November 6-9pm

All of our actions create consequences.... with this in mind it becomes easy to simply do nothing, to take the path of least resistance. This in itself is also an action, a path that often creates more problems than we hope to solve. On the other hand, sometimes doing nothing may actually be the path of most resistance. Inevitably we all face choices, and in much the same way they are always ours to be made. Gus Kollar's installation examines those choices and the obstacles we choose to believe prevent us from exercising our own freewill.

The Barrier
At night, buried in the depths of ourselves, our barrier is there. Some barriers keep us out, and some barriers keep us in. They sing to us, like the luring songs of Sirens. Holding us to a course which we feel we have no control. Decisions are not part of this experience, it is a time for reflection.

@ Day.
The Traffic Light

By day we live with our limitations. They talk to us, and remind us of our place in the world. The simple traffic light exercises complete control over those in its charge. It gives us the limitations to impose order, and overwhelming security. Each and every day we become accustomed to the rules of this world and their place in controlling chaos. Nature does not have traffic lights.

The Billboard
Day by day our resistance to the effects of pollution is increased. Not only in the sense of environmental pollution, but also in the pollution of our minds and spirit. Mass media bombards us with unrealistic and unethical pollution on a global.

The Highway
Two directions, one path. The highway gives us a path, yet we have no control but to follow it. Designed to funnel us into our cities to fuel our corporate obsessions, they rule supreme.

@ Night
The Models

Beauty is now a commodity. The facade has become a reliable tool used to sell us our dreams, repackaged in goods and services.

The Highway @ Night
Ultimately we all return to ourselves and the consequences of the decisions we make. This is in preparation for our self-realisation, that moment when we are faced with what we want and what we are prepared to do to achieve it.

The Escalator
Two directions, four paths. We are confronted with choice, the real choice that comes from within. The dichotomy for the working self.

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