PSC Group Show
July 27 - August 23 2007
Opening Friday July 27 6-9pm

The exhibition d_light showcases the work of 13 emerging artists from Melbournes Photography Studies College. d_light is an exploration into the world of light and into the lives of 13 individual artists. The result is like life itself - diverse.

Light, a primary tool in photography, is a powerful medium that shapes and directs our lives. For millions of years of human evolution we have experienced the diurnal rhythm of the daily rising and setting of the sun. Light is the very realm of our being.

Light in d_light is utilised to communicate aspects of personality, to convey moods, to create alternate realities and visualise potent imaginings. Whether captured on film or by digital means, a poetic synthesis is achieved.

Contemporary photography is a system of complex connections, processes and technologies. Works in d_light investigate ways in which optical technologies, both analogue and digital, effect the processes and methods of making photographic images. In embracing new imaging technologies Photography has become Photomedia and offers artists broad and diverse opportunities that challenge the conventions and techniques used to produce images.

Analogue light reacts with chemical sensitivity and latent images are formed on photographic emulsions. The actuality of analogue light cannot be determined, only anticipated. Analogue light is based on Wave Theory - the energy of light waves is dispersed, diffused, it flows around and falls on objects, literally seeps around corners and flares through the lens. Its palpability can be felt - it touches surfaces, caresses bodies, illuminates real places and suggests tangible possibilities that are grounded on real experiences.

Digital light is simulated, an instant technological fix, an augmented reality, pregnant with fantastic meanings and illustrative effects. Digital light behaves according to Particle Theory  unseen protons fall upon us and bounce around according to mathematical paradigms. These bits of energy we record with sensors and divide into colour channels to determine and re-interpret with complex algorithms. Digital light champions a new envisioning powered by a constructed energy made for the now.

d_light provides an insight into up and coming image-makers from Photography Studies College, one of Melbournes top photographic schools.

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