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OPENING NIGHT: Friday 30 March (6pm-9pm) | EXHIBITION DATES: 30 March - 13 April 2012

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OTK 5th B'day Show

Celebrating Off the Kerb's 5th Birthday Show
ONE IN TEN : Identity through the eyes of a gay artist...
Curated by Dan Dealy

Creative people already experience the world in a unique light. As gay artists, is the world even more extra-ordinary? Off the Kerb’s 2012 Birthday show aims to investigate and unravel the place of the gay individual within an artist’s persona and practice.The title ‘One in Ten’ is a subtle play on the unproven figure that 10% of the world’s population are homosexual. The exhibition is a collection of artwork from contemporary gay artists that have been encouraged to explore their position not only as an artist, but as an individual. Several of the exhibiting artists’ works will pose questions about identity and sexuality…Does the work of a gay artist articulate a voyage of self-exploration into personal identity? Or is it an innately subconscious theme that manifests into an artist’s practice without thought? This show will leave the viewer with new insights into homosexuality. It will promote the audience to experience sexuality as only part of an individual, and not as a definition.

KLARA   |   Luke Boslem   |   Matto Lucas   |   Jake Treacy   |   Suse Scholem   |   Matthew Dayler | Peter Eglezos   |   Elwyn Murray   |   KN Rodriguez   |   Marianne Mills   |   Nick Heynsbergh   | Stephen Gregory   |   Jacqueline Gwynne   |   Oscar Jackson Blain-Allen








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