OPENING: Fri 26 Feb 6-9pm | DATES: 25 Feb - 11 Mar 2021

Nathalia Suizu
Eric Sesto

International Woman's Day Group Show


by Nathalia Suizu


Invoking the mythical and the mystical, Shrine summons a pantheon of Goddesses charged with colour, vivacity and enchantment in celebration of the Feminine.
Starring women as empowered, multi-dimensional deities and heroes, the exhibition explores archetypes of the Feminine and invites viewers to revere the many faces of the Goddess, her cycles and seasons; to imagine her stories and be inspired by her unique magic.

Shrine reflects Nathalia’s fascination with myth, spirituality and her personal journey as a woman. Through this body of work, she delves into her growing appreciation for womanhood and seeks to praise, honour and uplift through vivid and colourful storytelling.



by Eric Sesto


This body of work by Eric Sesto compares the psychological value of being inside versus being outside.

The interior scenes he paints are wildly symbolic and surreal. When a human is confined to a space, their mentality and thoughts become projected onto the space. Choosing specifically creatures such as birds which have the ability to fly away, and horses which possess great force in their ability to roam, Sesto examines the way in which people instead choose to hide and often fester in their interior world.

In contrast being outside is like a breath of fresh air for the human spirit and in accordance Sesto has painted in a much looser and realistic style; choosing not to overcomplicate the process of absorbing a landscape which sits plainly as it is. Taking cues from artists such as Claude Monet, the work opts against the ruled lines and neat brushwork of his interior scenes.

Sesto further compares being outside in metropolitan areas such as The Royal Botanical Gardens which are heavily curated in their gardening and their appearance of perfection against the untamed nature of the landscape of the small town Tooborac where the artist grew up, a place unpopulated and un-manicured.



International Women's Day Group Show


In 2021 International Women’s Day is themed around the slogan #ChooseToChallenge

We can actively challenge gender bias and inequality. We can celebrate women’s achievements and spotlight their callenges particulalrly in recent times of Covid-19 where more women than men suffered job losses yet their management of life and family in ISO at home was remarkable. The Black Lives Matter movement highlighted the challenges women, women of colour and trans women face every day.

Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.

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