OPENING: Fri 6 July 6pm - 9pm | DATES: 5 – 19 July 2018



Nature As She


Hilary Green

Dean Herlihy


by Mishap

To unfold is to develop, evolve, grow and expand. In her first solo show in almost two years, Mishap tells stories of existence unfolding through this collection of multi coloured, pastel paintings and illustrations. ‘Unfold’ is her bold interpretation of adventures, friends and journeys. It takes from the artistic inspirations of other artists, graffiti culture and pop culture; all told in her own unique, distinct style that she has become known for. It’s the light, the dark, the feminine badass. It’s everything falling through the cracks and being mashed back together as best as you can; it’s the crazy and chaotic yet clean and precise. It’s an unapologetic exhibition of life told through the eyes of a spray painting artist. 

“I find as life transitions and moves, my art changes with me. I’ve changed a lot as a person internally, particularly over the past few years and I hope this is reflected in the artwork I produce. Each of the pieces in this show are little Mishaps living out pieces of their lives. It’s not necessarily me I’m painting. They’re characters and scenarios of my friends, my influences, people and things I see in today’s world. Some of which I love, and some I don’t particularly like but they have fascinated me enough to make art about it. Lately I’ve become stuck, and to come out of that I’ve found myself going back to my old roots and the way I used to paint when I first just started freely painting for the fun of it; and the joy of it has all come back. So in a way I freed myself by not taking myself too seriously and letting go, and I think this show is really telling of where I came from, where I’ve been, and where I am now. It’s a really fun collection of work and that pretty much sums up where I’m at with it all. It was a lot about remembering who I am, and watching life unfold while trying my best to have a positive and pretty outlook of everything. And I think I’m at a place now where my art is happy because I am! So the colour palette is pretty much just rainbow!”




curated by Emily Wright

Humans are part of the natural world. We exist in nature yet we often see it as a separate entity. 

Why is this? Do we place ourselves above the natural world? Is this how we are able to then devalue and mistreat it? 

This split between nature and humanity is notably gendered. Historically the natural environment has been associated with the feminine. It has been described as nurturing, life-giving and personified as ‘Mother Nature,’ however; it is also the subject of domination by modern societies. 

A group of Melbourne female artists have produced artworks inspired by the natural world and considered the following: 
Does the idea that femininity and nature are inherently linked reflect their shared subordination? Can we navigate these tensions and still celebrate the beauty of their connection? 

Almost Iris | Amrit Murti | Andi Senior | Bec Armstrong | Candy Ng | Chantelle Key | Coco Meacham | Emily Wright | Emma Wiesenekker | Frances Cannon | Grace Taylor | Jayne Branchflower | Lori Camarata | Michelle Pereira | Rachel Perrin | Sarah Jane Lightfoot | Sarah Strickland | thepeatreecollective




by Hilary Green

Kindred : This is an honest reflection on friendship and the complex feelings involved. Shared moments in time are also part of the story. Whether moments with old friends or new friends, it is a familiar feeling when you know you are with a friend. I have used memories from my own childhood as a place to start, a place where friendships seemed most raw, intimate and fragile. I hope you can connect with them too.




by Dean Herlihy

My drawing practice over the last 12 months has been focused primarily on capturing the minute landscapes found within geological structures of rocks and minerals. Working with various scales I have explored in detail the plethora of geometrical formations, textures, mountains, crevasses, depths of shadow and light to reveal often unseen terrains.