OPENING: Fri 30 August 6pm - 9pm | DATES: 30 Aug– 12 Sept 2019


Wallflower group show

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Erin Michelle

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group show

Andria Beighton | AmandaFarncomb | Mia Emily Freeman | Sarah Lin | Hanna Mancini | Marianna Marx | Emily May |  Sophie McPike  | Zeno Sworder

Wallflower is an immersive exhibition featuring nine Melbourne based artists working across multiple mediums. The work collectively explores meaning and traditions associated with flowers and floral imagery.
The term ‘Wallflower’ is often used to describe someone isolated or shy. Visual artists have a history of introversion and of turning to creative practices to express their thoughts and emotions.
The nine featured artists bring diverse perspectives and aesthetic considerations to this exhibition. It is a celebration of the beauty of flowers, but also delves into themes relating to growth and the paradox between fragility and strength.



by Caitlin Rigby

"It’s Still You" presents a new body of work by Caitlin Rigby which explores identity through portraiture. Hidden amongst layers of flora, the faceless portraits are an escape from reality and one’s own reflection. The process of stripping away colour to a restricted grey palette acts as a shelter, capturing shadows of oneself. “It’s Still You” portrays a silent search for identity amongst the challenges life puts in front of you.



by Erin Michelle

Psychosomatic /ˌsʌɪkə(ʊ)səˈmatɪk/  adjective
relating to the interaction of mind and body.

Psychosomatica is a documentary exploring the discomfort that comes with looking too closely at yourself. Each piece describes a time of quiet reflection by the artist after a significant emotional event - whether years, hours, or minutes afterwards. We are shown an intimate personal view of their physical reality, but are barred from any understanding of the emotional context of that moment. Psychosomatica accepts the inherent contradictions of choosing vulnerability - being forgiving, gentle, critical, brave, self-destructive, liberating and unkind to yourself all at once.



by TomboyBill and Matthew Schiavello

‘X’ sees artist’s TomboyBill and Matthew Schiavello collaborate,
in this experimental grouping of ten unique pieces.
Moving beyond the perceived limitations of their mediums, Matthew intentionally damages 35mm film to capture aspects of TomboyBill’s paintings -who then ‘re-imagines’ each of these framed works, by carving out an almost abstract form in the opaque coated glass, revealing parts of Matthew’s photographic image beneath.
By incorporating the glass barrier into each piece, it becomes a vibrant and intrinsic part
of the artwork, and blurs the boundary of where art ends and the viewing space begins.
A sense of intimacy is created in this process, as the viewer is drawn in closer.