Stevie Maree
“Gentle Madness”
April 14 – May 11
Opening Sat April 14, 4-7pm

I am fascinated with what lies beneath the surface of social stability and human reason. I explored this through the emotions such as madness, uncertainty, violence, sexuality, the world of dreams and the unconscious.

I have captured the terror of the violence and suffering associated with physical and psychological distortions of these gentle mad nesses. These are expressions of my fears and internal conflicts.
Suffering and pain appear from behind closed doors or through one’s own ‘madness’. Which then surfaces for the world to see. These are the ‘Masks’ used to cope with these tormenting times.
My images are an attempt to look behind the mask and discover the pain of experience. The anguish associated with the craziness, the struggle between the ‘real world’ and my unconscious feelings and thoughts, those structured and unstructured sensations that masquerade my pain.

Stevie – Maree is my name. I’m an artist. In fact a photo media artist.
I live life to its fullest often seeing the day turn into night and night turn back into day. My body aches. But I will not give up. I’m a warrior of passion. Visuals are my first language.

To immerse the body under the liquid blank is my escape. To move freely with the flow of air against my face is my release.

When I look. I don’t just look. I take a picture’s, with my mind camera. My images are an extension of my feelings and thoughts. The core of my own craziness.

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