Crisitan Roux
"Hand-made by Machine"
August 31 - September 21 2007
Opening Friday August 31 6-9pm

Hand-made by machine is a series of prints that were inspired by Cristian Roux's  experiences of living and working in Japan. The prints are derived from a series of photographs that Roux took of Mount Fuji (on the rare occasion when it could be seen through the veils of smog) from his office window on the fourth storey of a building in the city of Warabi situated on the outskirts of Tokyo. Fuji represents for Roux, a pervasive yet vague and ambiguous memory of a distant history and tradition that is often overshadowed and hidden by a vast and growing contemporary society of Japan. The subtle images are created by a delicate method of printing layer upon layer of superbly contrasting colour; which metaphorically marries old and new culture but also represents a commentary of modern mass produced imagery focused towards tourists, which harshly mimics that from the past. The Fuji prints depict a loss of identity and the superimposition of a perceived identity. Roux has attempted to represent his own feelings in this solo exhibition, and respond to an environment that has a unique and mystifying beauty, yet at times is alien and inaccessible - a place where the portrayed image does not always match the reality.

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