Kim Winton
June 22 - July 20 2007
Opening Friday June 22 6-9pm

Using ink on paper, Melbourne based artist, Kim Winton has handsomely yet subtly suggested form and facial expression, through a small pallet of earthy and black tones. Incorporating medical anatomy and defining movement though delicate and restrained bone structures and intimate facial suggestions. The scientific art of anatomy usually restricted to the mundane arena of Hospital and University posters of instructional placard, are here used to aid in defining the fledgling figures that seem to grow from within the picture.

The works as a group evoke a calm contemplation, each expression complementing each other inducing a feel of quiet meditation. The simplified pictures resemble animated forms, supplemented by the print like qualities of ink on paper. This exhibition is an excepting of animation as a way to detach ones self from our hectic lives of mass infiltrating media. Winton reduces the figures to slight suggestions, but surrounds them with intense muddied and sporadic environments that are layer on to the surface like spray paint and stencil art.

The figures in the works act as filters to the outside world, everything passes through the body. Information deluge and a constant flux of movements, as figures seek to define themselves from their encapsulating atmosphere. Winton sees the works as self-portraits, her chaotic lifestyle and the pressures of working and being a student, endorse her to produce pictures that rotate with riotous extreme but centred in a focus of calm relaxation.

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