OPENING NIGHT: Friday 17 May 6-9pm | DATES: 17 May - 31 May 2013


Michael Duncan Amanda Wright
paul van katwijk

Michael Duncan
Front Gallery

Michael Duncan started cutting stencils as a side project during his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts where he studied Fine Arts. He fell in love with the meditative cutting process and developed it to the point you see today. Duncan strives to hand cut as much detail as possible into his work to give highly photorealistic quality artwork in an effort to continue to push the boundaries of the art form.
Duncan is a strong believer in not taking life to seriously and maintaining an optimistic, adaptable mindset, which are reflected in his ideas and artworks.
“I tend to make my work for myself, it’s usually all about personal experiences and ideas I have about the world. Making these images has proven to be an important process in understanding an experience or event but I also use them as a way to preserve the memory.”



Amanda Wright
Back Gallery

These series of paintings are an exploration into my families past. The revelation through family tree research, that I am a part of this land and culture has triggered my desire to learn more about the people in my past and in turn has translated into my artwork. Through people, stories are told, even though they may have been hidden for years; a secret is never kept long in a family.  I now feel more connected to my partner and children who are of the oldest culture in the world, and through them have met many extraordinary people who have influenced my artwork the most, especially the children and mothers who are proud of who they are, where they come from and where they are going.


Paul van Katwijk
Upstairs Gallery

Investigating the use of signs and symbols present in society, Van Katwijk manipulates mundane images, isolating the physical make-up of these loaded symbols and in doing so questioning the reactions and perceived consequences that these signs implement. These notions are manifested through abstract acrylic canvas paintings, which are constructed in varying shapes and are painted in both strict and more free manners.

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