Victorian College of the Arts’ 2007 Photography Graduate Exhibition
7th December 2007 - Friday 4th January 2008
Opening 7th December 6 – 9 pm

Off the Kerb Gallery is proud to present the Victorian College of the Arts’ 2007 Photography Graduate Exhibition titled touch.

touch showcases fourteen exciting and emerging artists in contemporary photography, using a range of media including analogue, digital, installation, video and sculpture. touch works through a plethora of themes and ideas such as femininity and the female body in exciting and contemporary frames of politics, culture, psychology and science.

This group of artists came together through a common desire to capture and represent the world around them, sharing an appetite for illustrating life through the physical action of photography. The recording process is initiated by touching the camera and creating images that are then used as the basis for new artwork. Correlating ideas of the exterior world with visual representation of the artists’ imagination has resulted in mature, conceptual explorations with which the viewer can engage and participate.

For the past three years the group has worked in close proximity, the intensive studio practice culminating in a show that is rich in diversity and inspiration. A variety of mediums are used to interpret sensation and manipulate ideas, creating a tactile environment of learning and development. From c-type photography and digital prints, to video and installation works, the bringing together of like-minded people evokes a fertile ground for discussion and production.

touch references the three years of study and pertains to the future, not only of these artists, but of the photographic medium as a whole. Photography is no longer an avenue directly leading to picture making, but involves all modes of expression and assists our understanding of day-to-day existence. These artists will continue to reinterpret and experiment with photography to create meaningful works of art. The juxtaposition of differing viewpoints and methods of fabrication allows the viewer an art experience that moves and inspires, extending beyond the gallery walls.

touch excites and affects, it stirs and awakens sensory reactions. Touch can be an expression or an interpretation, and as a palpable and cohesive moment, it is the measure of a particular goal. In this instance, touch represents the talent of fourteen artists at the apogee of their studies, showcasing their most developed work.

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