Omnific Assembly presents
"A Minor Collection of Unnatural History"
2nd - 30th November, 2007
Opening Friday 2nd November 6-9pm

Presented by Off the Kerb and Omnific Assembly, A Collection of Unnatural History is an outstanding exhibition curated by Sayraphim Lothian, dedicated to the search and discovery of animals believed to be in existence but rarely sighted. These animals (usually referred to as monsters) have been cleverly discovered then delicately documented by digital artist Sayraphim Lothian and graphic artist Benj Dawe.

Until now, conclusive evidence debilitated the identification of these amazing mythological creatures. In the great tradition of 19th century Cabinets of Curiosity, specimens of an alternate Natural History are presented within a mixture of fact and fiction. As two dedicated Cryptozoologists, Lothian and Dawe have beautifully constructed this collection of 25 monsters. Their documentation and evidence of each monster has been shared amongst an eclectic group of local artists who have innovatively recreated these formally undiscovered monsters in a profusion of media including resin based sculpture, crocheting, doll conversions, found objects consisting of medical instruments, costuming, digital art, drawing and a unique mixture of soundscape installations. This exhibition also includes artist Roslyn Quin’s fantastic range of historical monster hunting, capturing-tools and traps which were used for centuries by wary villages and towns folk to ward of particularly scary monster species.

Omnific Assembly produces group themed exhibitions around Melbourne. Comprised of an undulating group of artists headed by Sayraphim Lothian and assisted by Ilona Nelson, they come together to create out of the ordinary collaborations such as A Collection of Unnatural History. In the two years since their inception, Omnific Assembly have produced three highly successful exhibitions, including The Attic of Dorian Gray and Dirty Wonderland. In 2006 came 21 Dead Bugs as a Gift, a unique cross platform project in three parts, an album, a zine and an exhibition, of artistic responses to the phrase 21 Dead Bugs as a Gift.

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