Opening Night: Friday 9 August 6-9pm| Exhibition Dates: 9 August - 23 August 2013


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Tristan Davies, Nikki Lam, Kimberley Liddle and Oliver Parzer

Jim Jimaggio KLARA


Front & Back Gallery

I:I:I:I -  featuring Tristan Davies, Nikki Lam, Kimberley Liddle and Oliver Parzer explores the internal and external duration of self, its translucent nature as well as its complexity in relations to our surroundings.

A series of site specific projects, I:I:I:I allows the viewer to interactively delve into each of the artists minds, and interpretations of one’s self.  Oliver Parzer posits that ‘I’ can only be found if you are willing to taking the steps to embrace the inherent solitude of human experience. Nikki Lam views the identity of self as framed by the constitution of space, and such identity is realised only through vulnerability and change. Tristan Davies notions that the conception of self exists only in the past, found through nostalgic memories, and momentary thoughts. Kimberley Liddle explores the sense of self in the present. Stripping away all layers of the conscious mind and the external materiality of self, Liddle's mixed media sculpture portrays the instantaneity of the subconscious. Does ‘I’ exist as asolid definable state, or is the idea of the self an illusion created by a constant flux of moments and events?

I:I:I:I takes us on a fascinating journey and challenges our own understanding of the concept of “self”, along with challenging the mainstream execution of mixed media projects.

Zamviza Citizen
Upstairs Gallery

Jim Jimaggio is a self-taught artist who creates works of Melbourne landscapes and machinery seeking to represent and celebrate the dynamism and speed of modern life and present it in a way previously unknown. Using  a printing technique he innovated himself where a negative of an image hand cut from adhesive vinyl is applied to foam sheeting. Then the entire surface is painted, with paint absorbing only into the foam. By manually applying pressure the image is printed.


Off the Kerb is proud to present its second series of 4D with the street art of Klara, opening on Friday 19 July until 31 August 2013. In March 2013, the back courtyard wall of the gallery was transformed into the 4D project space, offering an organic environment for street artists to present graffiti and paste up art in a legitimate and safe public arena. 4D shows 4 street artists’ work over the course of 12 months. Each work displayed on the wall for a season. Klara is a 27 year old artist who grew up on a farm in the Margaret River, WA.  Curiosity is her inspiration. Klara started practicing as an artist in Melbourne in 2011 after her first solo show at Off the Kerb. All unsold works were donated (stapled, screwed or glued) to the streets. ‘Exhibiting’ on the streets, in alleys and on buildings was a new discovery which propelled Klara into Melbourne’s prolific street art scene .

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