OPENING: Fri 18 May 6 - 9pm | DATES: 17 - 31 May 2018







Chaos Born
By Creature Creature

In their creation myth, Yin and Yang were born out of chaos in the centre of the earth. The principles state that one thing cannot exist without its opposite, contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality, without which we would experience nothingness.

Creature Creature want to promote collaboration as a philosophy. Their partnership breaks the myth of the lone artist, as collaboration is an instinctive ritual for them in realms of art and life. They share the vision of a collaborative future, a model for society that survives on a community rather than self interest and ego; a balance of individualism and collectivism.

This philosophy is translated with design principles: Balance, harmony, repetition, contrast, proximity, hierarchy, proportion, dynamism and movement. Collaboration is about preserving diversity, creating something complex, layered and fluid. The natural state of working together.



Recognized Matter
by Luke Whitten

“Rocks and winds, germs and words are all different manifestations of this dynamic material reality, or, in other words, they all represent the different ways in which this single mater-energy expresses itself.” – Manuel De Landa 2000 ‘A thousand years of nonlinear history'

Looked at from a non linear perspective history is an interaction between multiple coexisting forms of mater and energy. These sculptures act as a recording for one such interaction.

Stone is a world closed to us. The dense nature of stone refuses us entry. And as such invites our imagination to play. Our ancestors believed some stones to be the containers of spirits. These sculptures are a searching and revealing of what the imagination would like to uncover. They are done in a way that the original material is left partly intact, reminding us that the stone once had a life of its own before this interaction, and will so after. From our perspective a slow transformation of organic material, layers of sediment, tectonic movement, human interaction, eventually finds a new form again in magma and lava.


Inside The Medina
by Alex Hotchin

Last year I spent six weeks living and making art within a small Moroccan Medina - a place where people have been making art for centuries.  In Morocco everyone and everything has a story and it often feels like you are residing somewhere between reality and imagination. This show is a re-telling of some of the magic stories I encountered.







by Julia Schmitt

Foundations marks an expansion of my work as an artist. It is the beginning of a more focused and committed mindset toward creating art that is made for myself as well as for a wider audience. I continue to be inspired by the buildings and interiors of Melbourne’s café and bar scene and I aim to express the life and soul of this lively city in my drawings. I invite all to consider their urban environment as a reflection of the people and culture that have developed it.