OPENING: Fri 27th July 6 - 9pm | DATES: 26 July – 9 August 2018
Winter Days


Alex Bridge | Alexia Brehas | Amrit Murti | Anica Costa | Anna Seed 
Ayman Kaake | Barek | Brian Cheung | Candice Hopkins | Candy Ng | Chris Costa | Casey Freeman | Cecilia Farley | Christiana Aprozeanu
Emily Veale | Creature Creature | Eliza Freeman | Emily Wright | Estephania Corbelletta | Grace Taylor | Hayden Dewar | Helena Black
Hugo Mathias | Isabel Nina Young | Isabelle de Kleine | J Forsyth | Josh Burrowes | Kirsty Fletcher | Kylie Sirett | Liz Gridley | Leona Gardner-Chan
Lizzie Mai | Luke Rion | Lyndsey Knight | Maria Barbaro |Maria Petrova | Matt Grant | Miss E | Mitchell Asquith | Nadia Dusselberg
Nicole Evans | Rebecca Nanfro | Robyn Grove | Sara Flexmore | Sasha Heath | Sesh Prestas | Stacey Maree | Simon O’Carrigan | Tao Lee
Tayla Broekman | thepeatreecollective | Tiffany Blaise | Tinky | Ying Huang | Zac Grenfell

Winter Days exhibits a collection of creative responses from 56 artists working in varying media on the themes surrounding the season of winter.
Winter signifies a time of hibernation, introversion, introspection, foraging, going within
Winter is represented through colour and hue -primarily blues and greys.
Winter is depicted through light and varying shades of darkness.
Musicians in history have written songs about winter symbolising tumultuous relationships, heartbreak, and lamentation.
Artists in history painted wintery scenes using nature to mirror human emotions.
In Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of the Earth created winter.
In Persian mythology the winter solstice symbolised birth and has been celebrated for thousands of years.
In Welsh mythology, a battle between mythological lovers represented the contest between summer and winter.

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