OPENING NIGHT: Friday 11 October 6-9pm | DATES: 10 -24 October 2013


Craig Cole

Brenton See Kane Trubenbacher Thirty60

4D Mike Maka
Craig Cole
This latest series of work by Craig Cole continues his exploration of the metamorphism of an Australian urban and suburban environment and how this continual change affects the inhabitants. Within this context, Cole depicts public structures that are unnoticed but require a closer look to investigate the nuances of human contact. His painted canvases allow for contemplation of the process, giving the viewer a new understanding of the contemporary environment, prone to rapidly alter with the fast-paced evolution of technology.

Animal Nature 
Brenton See, thirty60 and Kane Trubenbacher
Brenton See, thirty60 and Kane Trubenbacher explore the world of the romantic and surreal through the natural world. The three artists vastly different styles create varying outcomes as they take inspiration from wildlife documentaries personal experiences and history. Sometimes the bizarre and abnormal collide with the animal world. Their explorations are visualised through tattoo style work, fine-line work and controlled ink based stencils. 




City of YarraLittle CreaturesFoxCreek

What is and what should never be
These paintings that have been created is a dialogue that I want to share of humanity today. It is in its essence a dark side of where we are in this world.  A world impressed by the media, and wealth lead by politics and large corporations selling us services we don’t need. Speculations of a better existence if you’re all wired up on the latest, greatest gadgets and trends. The passion for and the admiration of oneself is increasing in its popularity, we are living in a controlled and indulgent society. I have never painted dreams, I only paint reality. The reality is the disapproval, the contempt for war, greed, poverty and capitalism. I worry for our human condition.


Mike Maka
Off the Kerb is proud to present its third series of 4-D with the street art of Mike Maka, a painter who works in a variety of media mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. He has travelled and created work around the world, painting the Berlin Wall to the River Ganges. At 20, he received a scholarship to study art in New York, which led to working as a bike messenger for 10 years in 10 cities, and leaving his mark on many walls.  An active member of Everfresh Studio since 2006, Mike has exhibited extensively through Australia as well as group shows in Brazil, Japan and New York,  and has works in private and public collections locally and abroad, including acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. His work is preoccupied with the interface between man, beast and machine. Mike Maka presents a visual riot that stimulates the mind. Mike’s art conveys an imperative message to those confined in the concrete jungle to stay connected to the animal within them that lives in the natural world.